JoeDaddy505 Abuse Case: Small Enraging Updates

I had  a request for an update on the JoeDaddy505 incident. For those of you unaware, somehow, a gamer with the tag JoeDaddy505 live streamed abusing his girlfriend/wife. The audio is pretty damn awful, and some people even claim that towards the end it sounds like he’s possibly raping her.

Defunct YouTube Channel

Since the audio made its rounds on the web, Anonymous has taken down the Instagram account Joe Ortega (@joedaddy505) and a Twitter user threw up a dox file with supposed information about him and where he lives. Vigilante justice is ready and willing to ruin this man’s life.

And why? Well, because it appears in real life nothing can be done. KRQE News 13 reported that in order for the deputies of Valencia County, New Mexico to make an arrest, charges have to be brought against him.

Deputies investigating livestream game recording that took scary turn

Apparently the audio isn’t enough to make a case, which while I would call bullshit, is enough for the police of Valencia County to simply wash their hands of the whole mess. In the news video, it seems as if the deputies were given an “anonymous tip” (i.e. probably Twitch informing them of the IP address and User info) and seem to know exactly who Joe Ortega/JoeDaddy505 really is. However, they seem to be putting all of the responsibility on the victim to come forward in order for justice to get done.

Here is where my post devolves into a rant. If the police can’t build a case off that audio, the IP address, the dude’s FACE ON HIS SOCIAL MEDIA, then what the actual fuck?! His wife/girlfriend is probably living in total fear right now. She’s in active danger. And yet, for some goddamn reason, the cops can’t do anything about it? Are you kidding me?

The cops will swat a house if they get a bomb threat called in from a gamer, and if there’s a suspected suicide they’re allowed to break a door down. Domestic violence and/or rape? Meh, that’s somebody else’s problem. How does that even work? So yeah, sorry, this story has an open ending. It seems nothing is going to get done unless the victim of the crime somehow manages to get away from her scumbag boyfriend/husband without risking her life.

And to her I say, I’m so sorry this has happened to you, and nothing you ever did could’ve warranted that violence. He’s probably tearing you down and saying it’s all your fault, but it’s not. It’s his, he made all of his poor choices and all of his assholishness. Do whatever you need to do to feel safe again. Even if that means not going to the police and just getting in your car and driving until you run out of gas, you do what you have to do.

As for the rest of us, there’s not much we can do besides keeping this story alive. It hit the newswaves as a sensationalist headline, but it’s more than that, it’s evidence. Joe Ortega/JoeDaddy505 has taken down his social media accounts, but we have to keep track of everything because the cops aren’t doing their job. In order to do that, here are some screenshots from him before he took all of his sites down.

joedaddy505 defense.png

Here he’s claiming that he didn’t rape her, that he just “hit her” twice. The audio of her screaming would suggest there was more than a couple of hits in their “altercation.”

And then here’s the screengrab from Kotaku:


So yeah guys this walking human garbage is claiming “she started it and I was drunk” as an excuse to beat the shit out of his partner/spouse. And that’s the part I think that pisses me off the most. HE CONFESSED TO THE GODDAMN CRIME! He admitted he did it, he’s only trying to persuade the world “it’s just not as bad of a domestic abuse situation.” How is it on the victim then? The motherfucking abuser admitted he abused how is this case not cut and dry? Fucking astounding police work, there.

Here’s hoping that between now and some near future, we hear that the cops in Valencia County grow a pair.



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  1. Jodaddy505 has started a new stream on YouTube with no post to it. He is a POS. I love one state a way. Would love to know where this POS loves.


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