Apology Accepted, Yoshiyaki Nishimura

Nearly right after I blogged about the sexist producer from Studio Ghibli, he turned right around and apologized for his remarks.

I apologize for comments made in an article published on June 6 in the British newspaperThe Guardian…The article was based on an interview conducted in Britain on September 28th, 2015. I actually made those statements at the time. First, I left Ghibli at the end of 2014, and I am no longer a Ghibli employee. I deeply apologize for causing the mistaken impression that my opinions represent Ghibli’s and displeasing all who love Ghibli. Next, I definitely had the sexist belief that men had a strong tendency to be idealistic and that women were better at living reality. I am reflecting and learning. Gender has nothing to do with making movies. My deepest apologies.

Good on you, sir! I love this apology, because it’s an actual sincere, “I messed up completely” statement. Not only did he own up to his words, he said straight up that gender shouldn’t be the focus on who can make movies. I’m absolutely willing to forgive him for this blunder.

However, as mentioned in my previous article, Studio Ghibli is still probably not going to give a female director a shot in the near future, which is really unfortunate. I think the company, along with the rest of the Japanese entertainment industry, has a lot to gain from bringing more females into the job force.

Also, Nishimura could’ve just done it because of the huge social media backlash that smacked him upsde the face. He’s got a chance to redeem himself with his own team over at Studio Ponoc. How about putting in some ladies in the driver’s seat, sir? That’d really show the world you’re pro female directors, by having one!

Regardless, I hope that he’s learned his lesson, and that the internet forgives.


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