New ‘Morgan’ Trailer: Intriguing, Yet Cliched

Ridley Scott has given the world a fair share of amazing movies. ALIEN is still one of my all time favorite horror/sci-fi movies ever. It seems he’s going back to those roots with his latest film Morgan. According to the trailer, Morgan is an experiment, a person created using “synthetic and biological” material to make her “the next step in evolution.”

I find the premise something a bit overdone. We’ve seen experiment and hybrid movies before, such as the much disappointing film Splice, which also try to cover the whole evolution deal. While most of those films attempted to tackle the concerns of gene tampering and the possible future of humanity, most of them ended up being B-rate horror flicks by the third act.

Morgan might give us a different experience, and I want to put a little more faith into Scott with his amazing cinematography skills. He can do pacing and suspense that sends shivers down the spines of his audience. Still, I’m half-hopeful and half-dismissive, torn between really wanting a great horror/sci-fi movie and knowing that I’ve been let down so often before.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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